Pub date: 11/13/18

"This is an unforgettable story of a "full-time witness" to trauma and its aftershocks. With refreshing candor and a brilliant sense of humor, Sarah takes us through the maze of caring for a loved one who has suffered a traumatic brain injury and reckons deeply with what her own recovery should look like. This book will stay with me for a long time."

- Leigh Stein, author or Land of Enchantment

"In The Shame of Losing, Sarah Cannon captures the roller coaster from heartbreak to hope; from despondence to renewal, that she and her family have been riding since everything changed. This is a book about the brutal realities of a traumatic brain injury, but it is also about a young mother trying to save her own life. Honest, poetic, stark and stunning: a debut memoir that you will never forget."

-Ann Hedreen, author of Her Beautiful Brain

Sarah Cannon’s memoir navigates trauma’s juggernaut in a way so compelling the reader witnesses the opening catastrophe through the lens of her experience. The sense of attunement to her journey continues throughout the aftermath of the initial crisis. Over time, Sarah comes to know herself in the context of her profoundly altered life. With fierce unflinching grist, she faces the unrelenting learning her struggle demands and emerges with discerning clarity. Her courage is palpable and inspires.
— Joan Fiset, author of Namesake

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